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What is Lone Tree's sales/use tax rate?
The Lone Tree sales and use tax rate is 1.8125%.More...

Tax Questions

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1. What is Lone Tree's sales/use tax rate?
2. What is the cumulative sales tax rate in Lone Tree?
3. Can I submit tax return filings and tax payments online?
4. What sales taxes are included in the cumulative sales tax rate?
5. My cash register is unable to charge the correct tax rate?
6. Where do I file my Lone Tree sales tax return?
7. Where do I file my State sales tax return?
8. What sales tax returns do I need to file?
9. How do I file an amended return?
10. How can I access City and State sales tax information?
11. What type of taxes does the City of Lone Tree collect?
12. I just found out that Lone Tree residents are exempt from city sales tax for auto purchases and I think that I might have paid them. What can I do?
13. If I have no tax liability, do I still need to file?
14. How often do I remit sales tax?
15. Is tax due if I purchase a business in Lone Tree?

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Administrative Office, 9220 Kimmer Dr., Suite 100, Lone Tree, Colorado 80124