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What phone number do I call if I have a police non-emergency?
The non-emergency dispatch number is 303-799-0533.

General FAQs

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1. What phone number do I call if I have a police non-emergency?
2. How do I sign up for the Douglas County CodeRED Emergency Notification System?
3. How do I report a coyote sighting?
4. Where are the municipal offices located?
5. What county is Lone Tree in?
6. What are the office hours for the City of Lone Tree?
7. What fireworks are permissable in the City of Lone Tree?
8. Are you hiring?
9. Where do I get recycle bins and carts?
10. Is Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree?
11. Who provides water service in Lone Tree?
12. Who provides electric service in Lone Tree?
13. Do I need a license to solicit in Lone Tree?
14. Where can I find information on the parks in Lone Tree?
15. When will the Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra be giving their next concert in Lone Tree?
16. What is the Lone Tree Arts Center Box Office phone number?
17. What is the sales tax rate in Lone Tree?

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Administrative Office, 9220 Kimmer Dr., Suite 100, Lone Tree, Colorado 80124