Applicant FAQ's

1. How much does an entry cost?
Entry into the Exploring the Light Photo Show is $35 per photographer. It is the same price for one, two or three entries. Payment may be received through submissions on or by mailing a check to: Lone Tree Arts Center, c/o Photo Show, 10075 Commons Street, Lone Tree, CO, 80124.

2. What are the categories?

Street / Urban

*CaFE software only allows photographers to submit into one category; therefore photographers who would like to submit multiple entries into separate categories, photographers must select the “Multiple Category Entry” and provide the actual category within the description of the image so that it may be placed in the proper category for jurying.

3. How should I submit my images?
Photographers must submit entries via (CaFÉ TM) only. Photographers must create an account on CaFÉ TM .Then search for Exploring the Light Photo Show 2019 alphabetically and click on Apply to Call tab.

4. I have never used CaFÉ. How do I apply?
Visit Click on “First Time Users Register Here” in the upper right hand corner. Then click “Click here to register with CaFÉ ™”. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Complete each of the required fields and click “Register Now”. You will then be able to upload up to 150 digital images of your artwork. You can then search various national and local calls for entry, including the Lone Tree Exploring the Light Photo Show, and select specific artwork for a specific call. CaFÉ ™ will maintain your uploaded artwork within your account for future submissions.

5. Do I have to include the dimensions, I have not framed my image and do not know the final dimensions?
Yes. Exact dimensions are appreciated during selections due to limited gallery space. However if you have not framed your art work, please provide your best estimate.

6. Why do I have to include my Email address?
All Photo Show correspondence will be made electronically including your acceptance invitation. Also, providing your email address will ensure you will receive a Call For Entry the following year.

7. What is an Artist Statement and do I have to provide it?
Your artist statement is a brief biography of yourself and general information on where the public can view and purchase your photography. It is not required that you provide an artist statement, however artist statements will be available for public viewing during the eight week show at the Lone Tree Arts Center and may assist in promoting your work.

8. How is my photography being judged?
Your JPEG files will be juried by the juror for acceptance into the 2019 photo show. Selection criteria will depend on the juror's preference. Awards will be juried by the same juror in their categories based on the image and presentation of the image. (This includes framing and matting, etc.)

9. How should I label my images?
Title, artist last name, category, price and dimensions (HxW), on the back of the piece.

10. Do I have to be a Lone Tree resident or member of the Lone Tree Photography Club to participate?
No.  Anyone can participate as long as your images can be dropped off and picked up in person during the designated dates.  No images can be sent through Fed Ex, UPS or courier service.  

11. What is Bin Work and how many may I bring?
Bin work typically includes smaller images of your photography that can fit in a 2' bin and is for sale. If accepted into the Photo Show you may bring bin work to sell at the opening reception only. You can provide your own bin or request a bin from the Lone Tree Arts Center.  These will be given out on a first come first serve basis.  If bringing bin work, we ask that you complete the Bin Work form prior to the opening and indicate if you will be bringing your own bin or if you will be requesting use of one of ours.  All bin work is to be brought on the day of the opening and taken home at the end of the reception.  

12. Can I bring my own bin?
Yes you may provide your own bin. However, you still must submit your bin work form and provide the bin work only during the reception. Bins will be provided for those who do not have or wish to bring a bin.

13. Can I drop off my images earlier or pick up my images at another time?
No. Photographers must commit to delivering images during the designated drop off time (March 12th, 7:30 am - 10:30 am) and pick up images during the designated pick up time (May 13th, 7:30 am - 10:30 am). Images may not be shipped to Lone Tree Arts Center.

14. What is the Lone Tree Photo Club Book for purchase titled Exploring the Light?

The Lone Tree Photo Club will compose a book titled Exploring the Light, containing all of the accepted entries into the 2019 Lone Tree Photo Show Exploring the Light. Your accepted entries will be printed in the book along with your name and brief description of how and where the image was captured. Exploring the Light is available for purchase and will be mailed to you. If you do not want your accepted image(s) printed in this book, please check "no" when prompted on the application. If you select yes, you will be prompted to answer 4 questions for each image you submit, you must complete these questions to be included in the book. 

15. How do I opt out of Exploring the Light online book for print?
In order to not have your accepted images printed in the online book for print, you must indicate 'No' by checking the box on the prospectus entry form or the box on the line entry form.

16. What must I do to participate in the Exploring the Light online book for print?

To participate, you must indicate participation under the questions tab in CaFE TM.  

17. May I volunteer for the Photo Show?
Yes, please contact Allissa Dailey at

18. My image contains my name of signature, will it affect the jurying process?
It is requested that all images do not have the photographer's name on the image for jurying purposes. However, if your framed, and finished image does contain your name, your name will be covered up for the jurying process.

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