Centennial Airport Noise Reporting

Who to Call

The Centennial Airport Authority is charged with addressing noise complaints at Centennial Airport. You can reach their office at 303-790-0598 Ext. 2909 or contact their noise complaint hotline at 303-790-4709.


When using the hotline, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
  • Provide all information requested on the recording - incomplete complaints will not be considered.
  • Complaints need to contain specific times - general statements like "20 airplanes between 5 and 8" will not be accepted.
  • Complaints containing profanity will not be considered.
  • Complaints containing threats to aircraft will be reported to the FBI and local authorities.
  • If you would like a return call, be sure to leave your name and telephone number on the recording, and the noise specialist/environmental planner will return your call as soon as possible.

WebTrak Flight Tracking

Centennial Airport offers an online tracking system for the movement of flights and air traffic patterns within the Denver and Denver Tech. Center area. WebTrak Flight Tracking and Noise Information System allows concerned individuals to research data about flights to and from Centennial Airport as well as any transitional air traffic through the region.

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