The City’s 2019 Adopted Budget reflects Council’s desire for a fiscally responsible budget – a budget built on conservative revenue projections, necessary as well as discretionary expenditure levels, and required and reasonable reserves and designations. The Budget is comprised of the following four funds – the General Fund, the Special Revenue Fund – Cultural and Community Services, the Debt Service Fund – Arts and Cultural, and the Debt Service Fund – Park and Recreation Improvements. For the calendar year ending December 31, 2019, the City is appropriating approximately $72.8 million for spending in these four funds. Moreover, the City has reserved 25% of its projected operating expenditures in 2019 to ensure that the City has sufficient operating funds at the beginning of the new year to pay for operational and maintenance obligations prior to the collection of revenue or to cover unforeseen expenditures.

Any questions you may have regarding the projected  budget should be directed to the City Manager at

2019 Budget Overview

2019 Adopted Budget

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