Operations Division

The Operations Division is the largest of the three divisions that make up the Lone Tree Police Department. The Operations Division is responsible for the delivery of police services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Operations Division is staffed by sworn employees consisting of police Officers, Corporals, Sergeants, and Commanders. 

The Operations Division is represented by the dedicated men and women in uniform. They work out in the community consistently building relationships with residents and business owners. They patrol with pride and professionalism holding fast to our values of community, integrity, and service. Look for them in your neighborhood and feel free to contact them for any concerns you may see in your area. 

Lone Tree Police Vehicle


Commander Ron Pinson

Commander David Brown

9220 Kimmer Drive, Ste 120
Lone Tree,CO 80124
Ph: 303-339-8150
Fax: 303-339-8179